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Welcome to Best Las Vegas Taxis, your portal to finding the best Las Vegas taxis. From our very large database, we will provide you information about all types of Las Vegas Taxis from cabs, to shuttles to limousines. We will also try to provide pricing so that you know what to expect when traveling by taxi in Vegas.

Like everything that is unique in Vegas, one point to remember is that transportation by taxi, shuttle and even limousine might be free. Many hotels offer free shuttle bus service from the airport and large numbers of tourists buy prepaid packaged vacations where the transportation is included. Needless to say, it would be worthwhile for you to find out about your travel plans before leaving so that you might save some money and time upon arrival.

Further, the best Las Vegas taxis usually offer a bit of a discount for round trip fares, thus, by booking in advance, you can reserve your taxi for the trip to the hotel and when departing, your trip back to the airport. Because the taxi industry in Vegas is regulated by the Nevada Taxicab Authority, all fares must start at the same price of three dollars and thirty cents. Unless the passenger asks the taxi driver to take the scenic route, taxis are required to take the most direct route, as the fare is calculated by mileage.

According to the official website for the Taxicab Authority (, there are sixteen cab companies in the Las Vegas Valley area. In addition to the prescribed fare amounts, taxis are required to charge an airport pick-up of one dollar and eighty cents making the trip from the airport a tad more expensive than the return trip. While the website offers a comprehensive guide with approximate fares, it does suggest that differing times of the day, and using different routes due to construction, for example, will result in varying fares. And it does warn that most cab companies do not accept credit cards.

Lastly, depending on from where you come, you may not be familiar with the rules to which the taxi driver must abide:

When choosing the best Las Vegas taxis, you will note from the above that these features are dictated by law, so anyone operating a taxi saying his/hers is better based on these points would be wrong. But it is also true that some companies have better service and better drivers which in turn makes the best Las Vegas taxis.

You can safely get to and from nightclubs in Las Vegas when traveling by taxi. Don't drink and drive, Vegas Cops are strict, and rightfully so!